election results: BJP crushed opposition with a land slide victory

Election Results : BJP crashed opposition with a landslide victory.

election results 2019With the declaration of Lok Sabha election results on 23rd May , BJP has came strong to retain power at the center. BJP with the face of Narendra Modi has succeeded in crossing the 300 seats mark on its own and around 350 with its allies.

The majority of exit polls were predicting the similar trends as are seen in the final results of the Lok Sabha elections.

The elections has again left the parliament without the leader of opposition as no other single party can touch the mark of 54 seats. There has been several surprise elements as well . There has been complete reflection of denial of left by the people. The public mandate is clearly against the dynasty .

Several big names gone dust with the wave of BJP. Rahul Gandhi, President of INC himself lost his bastion to the BJP’s Smriti Irani. Digvijay Singh lost to Sadhvi Pragya in Bhopal and Jyotiraditya Scindia failed to retain his dynastic seat of Guna.

Mahagathbandhan in UP failed to leave any mark and got restricted to only 15 seats altogether. The grand old party INC failed to open account in several states. While BJP has come strong to restore its place in the hindi heartland and also destroying the forts of their rivals. BJP succeeded in breaking its own record and retaining power with a much higher majority.

With the trends of election results the market set to boom. The international leaders also have an eye on the election and as the results set clear in favor of BJP and Narendra Modi the wishes from international leaders came for the Prime Minister.

NDA and BJP will choose Narendra Modi as the leader of the house on 26th of May at the central hall of the Parliament. He will then meet the President Mr. Ramnath Kovind and stake claim to form the government.

Narendra Modi’s charisma has won it for BJP and NDA . On the other opposition has to look where it has lacked to even present a competitive challenge for the Modi wave. They need to come strong with a efficient leadership and present themselves as a strong opposition.


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