Lok Sabha election result

Lok Sabha elections 2019 : Counting begins….

The Mammoth Lok Sabha elections 2019 has reached its final phase on 19th of May 2019. Exit polls has been the talk of the town from theExit polls eci : politikspanda last 2-3 days. Counting of vote to begin today from 8:00 a.m. to gave put the final results of the largest elections in Indian history.

The largest democracy has witnessed a voter turnout of about 67.11 % out of the 90.99 crores of the electors in the seventh phase .

For the first time in the Lok Sabha elections the results of the voting machines will be matched with paper slips from the VVPAT machines. This is likely to delay the counting process by 2-3 hours.

The exercise will take place in five polling stations per assembly segment which effectively means that out of nearly 10.3 lakh polling stations, the EVM-VVPAT matching will take place in 20,600 such stations.

Out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats, elections were held in 542 constituencies as the EC had cancelled polls to the Vellore constituency on the grounds of excessive use of money power.

According to the process , postal ballots will be counted first which stood for about 18 lakhs service voters out of which 16.49 lakhs have sent their postal ballots to the respective returning officers. Lok Sabha Elections result

This include personnel of armed forces, central police force personnel, state police force personnel and government employees posted outside the constituencies. other than that diplomats and support staff posted in Indian embassies abroad are also counted as service voter.

Elections commission has mad arrangements for for digital display boards showing trends and results at public  places. In addition to that the election commission has also set up a dedicated website and a app for this purpose. The dedicated app named ‘Voter Helpline ‘ is available for both android and ios users to get updates of the trends and results on their mobiles.

Over 8,000 candidates were in the fray for 542 seats this elections. The scenario will get more clear as the sun moves from dawn to the dusk.





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