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Poll : Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?

Next Prime Minister of India is the buzz not only in India but also round the globe. The Lok Sabha elections are nearing towards the climax. The destiny of more than 500 candidates will be shaped along with the destiny of nation.

With all the high profile political drama and several allegations the elections are reaching towards climax.The election results are scheduled to be announced on 23 May. All the parties are waiting for the results . And India is waiting for its next Prime Minister.

Ruling party claiming for a much greater victory than the previous one. On the other the opposition seems low on confidence with all the opposition divided on the ground. The picture of grand alliance ‘mahagathbandhan‘ blurred with the announcement of elections dates.

Several leader during their rallies has expressed their wish to be the Prime Minister. But the people’s mandate always stands tall.

India entered to showcase the people’s power on 11th April 2019 and this will close with the last phase of elections on 19th May 2019. This election has already surpassed the excitement, anticipation and action of the 2014 elections.

Star campaigners have put all their energies with back to back rallies and traditional and non traditional interviews.Other than the two major parties, many regional and national parties are all set to disturb the equation .

With all the uncertainty laying on the part of opposition Narendra Modi has chance to be the lone winner. This is not going to be a easy run for BJP after its loss in Hindi heartland.

Rahul Gandhi eyeing to prove his potential and make the comeback for his party . Mayawati and Akhilesh fighting for their lost fort of Uttar Pradesh. And Arvind Kejriwal still hoping to defeat Modi.

Who will sit on the throne ? To find the answer we all have to wait for 23rd May 2019. Till then you can make a choice here.

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